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SEL 751A


R$ 2.500,00

This training aims to enable the participant to perform preventive maintenance services, technical assistance and commissioning of SEL 751A protection relays. We will cover various concepts and techniques, used by the best experts in the field.


  • Engineers;

  • Technical;

  • Professionals linked to the area.


Basic knowledge about:

  • Electrical Power Systems;

  • Protection and Control;

  • Logic applied in Electrical Protection Systems;

  • Computing.


40 hours

I divide it into 5 days from Monday to Friday.




Coffee Break (in person)



  • Knowledge about the application;

  • Knowledge of hardware;

  • Correct installation and configuration of the parameterization software;

  • Parameterization of equipment via software and HMI;

  • Reading and sending adjustments;

  • Development of control and protection logic;

  • Monitoring of internal variables;

  • Configuration of LEDs, Display, Digital Outputs and Inputs;

  • Configuration and analysis of events and oscillography;

  • Knowledge of test boxes, preparation of tests in manual and automatic mode.

  • Generation of test reports produced by the test box.


Module 01 – Application

  • Types of application.

Module 02 – Hardware

  • Digital input and output modules;

  • Analog modules;

  • Communication modules;

  • Front (LEDs and HMI).

Module 03 – Software

  • Installation of software and drivers;

  • General software settings;

  • Creation of a new project;

  • Import and export of configuration files;

  • Delete and rename configuration files;

  • Conversion of configuration files to other versions;

  • Creating an offline device.

Module 04 – Parameterization and Communication

  • Implementation of the protection study;

  • Implementation of control and supervision logic;

  • Event configuration and oscillography;

  • Adjustments of communication ports;

  • Communication through available ports;

  • Reading and sending adjustments;

  • Backup creation;

  • Online mode

  • Communication protocol mapping.

Module 05 – Protection test

  • Tests of the main protection functions;

  • Obtaining and analyzing Events and Oscillography

Module 06 – Control Test

  • Consistency test of switching equipment (Circuit Breaker and Disconnector);

  • Control and interlock tests.

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