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About Us

Founded in 2020 aiming to serve the market in the education segment,
We were born due to the market's need to have a reference company in the technical training of new professionals in the areas ofprotection, control and supervision of electrical power systems.

We are proud to be recognized as a highly qualified company, and to have been born from one of the reference companies in providing services in the areas of protection, control and supervision, P&Control Services.


Provide quality technical training, with a fair price and cutting-edge structure.


To be a company recognized for its results, maintaining an excellent relationship with its customers, partners and employees, continually seeking quality and excellence in the services provided.

Values and Principles:

  • Innovation;

  • Professionalism;

  • Continuous Improvement;

  • Ethic;

  • Transparency;

  • Integrity;

  • Security;

  • Responsibility.

Areas and Structures

Due to the diverse knowledge of our employees, we are able to provide a diverse range of courses and training such as:

Training in Protection Systems

Training in Control Systems

Training in Supervisory Systems

In addition, we have a super physical structure that includes:

  • Two laboratories highly equipped with protection, control and automation equipment.

  • A modern room for teaching courses, lectures, training and workshops. The room is also equipped with a touch screen TV, which makes all events even more interactive;

  • A complete multimedia room, designed for recording educational technical videos.

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